Transportation Tips

Check that your taxi driver starts the meter unless you've negotiated a price. If you use car or motorbike taxis have small denomination dong with you as Vietnam's taxi drivers frequently carry only small amounts of change. To avoid misunderstandings, it is useful to have your destination address written down. If you can write the address in Vietnamese, even better! To travel one kilometer in a taxi costs around 15,000vnd ( 0.70USD ), and the starting fee for the first kilometer ranges from around 16,000vnd depending on the company.
Don't assume that your driver knows where your destination is located. Taxi drivers in Saigon typically grab fares from all over the city but that doesn't mean they are expertly versed in the coordinates of every street, alley or District. After all, Ho Chi Minh city huge! It pays dividends to write down your destination or at the very least carry a small map or a 3G smart phone with GPS capability. It is advisable to use a taxi from a well-established company to avoid a potential rip-off. These taxis can usually be found parked near four or five star hotels or restaurants.
Local insight: For quality assurance, choose large company taxis such as Vinasun or Mai Linh and write down the vehicles taxi number for complaints.

Xe Om literally means, 'motorbike hug'. Catching a Xe Om is an easy, affordable and fun way to see the . city. Pronouncing Vietnamese street names can be a challenge so signal your destination as you go along or write it down to show the driver. Inter-District trips should cost around 50,000VND, more or less, depending on how far you are going and your bargaining prowess with the Xe Om driver.
If the driver does not have a passenger helmet, find another driver for hire. These days this would probable be a rare occurance as the Saigon traffic police have seriously stepped up enforcement on helmet use. It goes without saying to be certain that your driver is sober and lucid before hopping on back! In heavily tourist areas, you will be able to hire a Xe Om easily. In fact, you'll probable be offered a Xe Om ride before you even go looking for one. Have small bills on your person as most Xe Om drivers do not carry large amounts of change.
Local insight: Short trips around town will cost between 30,000VND to 100,000VND but make sure you AGREE on a price BEFOREHAND.

Thanh Buoi is providing the fastest service to Can Tho as the bus only stops for a 10 minutes on the way from Ho Chi Minh city. The ride takes about 3 hours. The company provides a small bun as a free snack and free water for customers. At the arrival in Can Tho shuttle buses bring you to your final destination inside the city. Have the address of your hotel ready. The shuttle buses are paid for as part of your ticket. Cost from HCMC (Jan. 2017): 110,000VND
Phuong Trang has the largest number of services to Can Tho daily. There is a stop for 30 minutes in the large Phuong Trang highway service and restaurant point. The ride takes 4 hours. The operator provides free water in the bus. In Can Tho a shuttle bus will bring you to your final destination, if you have the address of your hotel ready. This is included in the price of your ticket. Cost from HCMC (Jan. 2017): 110,000VND